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So Appetizing ... Part Two

My kids love to help me make grocery lists.  I’ll ask what we need and they start rattling off a list a mile long.  Had I asked today, I’m sure Caroline would have requested Ziploc sandwich bags due to the fact that I ran out and had to pack her entire lunch in Spider Man baggies. 

Something she always puts on my list are mangos.  She loves them.  And I am going to make sure I add them onto my next list because I had another appetizer at the Alaskan send off party that I LOVED.  It was mango salsa that my friend served with chips.  When I called and asked her for the recipe she told me she had just baked chicken and was putting the salsa over that.  Sounded delicious!

I can’t wait to make it and thought I’d pass it along to you as well. 

Mango Salsa - chop the following into whatever size pieces you like…

2 Fresh Mango

1 can black beans (drain and rinse)

cilantro (maybe 1/4 cup chopped

red onion (maybe 1/4-1/2 cup chopped pretty fine)

1 jalapeno (chop very fine and add 1/2 to make sure it isn’t too hot - add all if u want)

2 avocados

I honestly think I could have eaten the entire bowl!