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Get to Heart in a Have-to World

In her signature, from the heart session, Darla shares a life changing conversation she had which transformed how she viewed so many different areas she felt as if she HAD to do so many of the things she would rather not, but whether those things she had to do, she GOT to do them as a way to serve others. And by serving others, she was serving the Lord. No matter what circumstances you are facing,this encouraging and motivational session will challenge you to change your perspective. This topic works well as a stand alone session for luncheons banquets, etc. and can also be worked into a retreat format. A four session retreat would include: “I Get To”, “I Have To”, “I Don’t Want To” and “What Am I Called To”. Retreat participants will go home refreshed and ready to view areas of their lives differently.


Darla has often been described as the “queen of joy”. In either a stand alone session or a retreat Darla will lead listeners to a greater understanding of what “the joy of the Lord” truly means.

Faith FULL

Hebrews 11 not only defines faith but gives us examples of heros of the faith who have gone before us and are cheering us on in our own walks of faith. Darla has written a ten week Bible Study based on these heros of the faith that will encourage anyone regardless of where they are in their faith journey. Any of these lessons can be a single stand alone session or several can be combined for a retreat.

Have a “Mary” Christmas

Many of us set very high expectations for the holiday season.  In this holiday message, Darla looks at the life of our Saviors mother.  She shares from scripture a lesson on how Mary viewed Christmas and how we can do the same.  Darla will have the audience crying tears of laughter and tears of tenderness as she encourages them to focus on the perfect gift of Jesus, not just the perfect Christmas.

In Full Bloom

Often used for spring events this talk encourages women to be the fragrance of Christ to the world.

Door of Hope

Based on Romans 15:13 this inspiring message shows us how the God of Hope will fill us with joy and peace and that by trusting in Him we can “overflow” with hope. View a clip from this message on Darla Baerg’s YouTube Channel.

Feel free to give Darla a topic.  She can easily adapt a message using your topic or theme.