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What People Say

After serving local churches as pastor for twenty-eight years, I have never met another person who is like Darla.  It is my absolute delight to share in ministry with her.  Darla possesses a contagious love for our Lord.  God has gifted her both with a keen understanding of discipleship and a winsome spirit to communicate the truth.  You will love laughing and learning with her.  God is pleased to communicate to and through Darla the good news about our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am pleased to be her pastor, friend and co-laborer.

Duane Brooks Tallowood Baptist Church

* * *

Darla spoke at our annual Christmas women’s event. Our ladies loved Darla and over and over I heard that it was the best event we had ever done.

Lisa Jones Director of Womens Ministry Tallowood Baptist Church

* * *

Darla’s upbeat, humorous style will leave you laughing and give you wonderful insight into Christian living.

Angela Winston Houston, Texas

* * *

Darla’s funny, informative, uplifting message reminded me that my work as a mom serves more than my children, it serves the Lord. She gave me that boost to keep going when my tanks on empty.

Nancy Mendez Co-Coordinator MOPS West U Baptist Chapter

* * *

Darla has an incredible gift for integrating her life with her Christian walk.

Barbara McMahan Dallas, TX

* * *

Darla truly has a gift for telling stories and hearing God speak through everyday things.

Kathy Rhoden The Woodlands, TX

* * *

We all have different parts in the body where we serve… I’m convinced Darla’s part is the funny bone.

Julie Bannert Cross Cultural worker

* * *

Darla is so easy to listen to! She has been given the gift of storytelling and will make you cry tears of laughter and tears of sadness - all the while, making it applicable to life and to the theme of the weekend. I couldn’t believe how quickly our 4 sessions passed. I was so sad when our time with her was over!

Rhonda Hunter San Antonio, TX

* * *

Darla Baerg touched the hearts of our women with her message of instead of  to do the everyday things of life.

Her wonderful sense of humor and spirit filled message was so well received, that our ladies now say, My pleasure as they serve their families and others.  To God be the glory.

Wilma Jones and the Faith Class Ministry Fredonia Hill Baptist Church Nacogdoches, Texas

* * *

It was evident to see how the Lord is using Darla to impact the lives of women. I know the mothers and daughters were blessed by her ministry during their retreat. We would love to have Darla back again.

Patrick Preston Pine Cove Camps Columbus Conference Director

* * *

If you want a speaker who is down-to-earth, humorous and speaks from the her heart about the Lord, definitely call Darla!

RX Alice Rosenhagen Nassau Bay

* * *

Darla brought the most beautiful mix of laughter and wisdom to our event.

Women’s Minister Northwest Bible Church Dallas, TX

* * *

I have been coming to women’s retreats for 20 years and in that time Darla is the best speaker I have ever heard. She encouraged my walk with the Lord so much.

Attendee Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Women’s Retreat