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So about those resolutions ...

Apparently one of my resolutions wasn’t to post more in 2011 seeing how it’s already January 9th and I’ve only posted once.   I mean it’s not like I’ve had a lot of time … what with all the bowl games and all.  That’s about to change though!  Mostly because I’m so exited that my sister changed the face of my blog for me.

The blog still had it’s Christmas look on it and so I was avoiding it … because I don’t know how to do it and I didn’t want to bother her with it.  It is one of the mysteries of my sister’s life that I can’t do simple things (to her) such as changing the look of my blog.  The greatest part of this though was that I didn’t even ask her.  I just clicked over to my blog last night (silently hoping perhaps that a blog had mysteriously posted itself!) and there is was all shiny and new for the new year.  Happy New Year to me and my blog!!

The funny thing is that I had talked to my sister yesterday and told her that we had tried to set up an email account for Savannah since her birthday … that would be since September!  Caroline had tried, Brittany had tried, Savannah had tried … basically our entire tech team … and nothing.  While Deah and I were talking Brittany was working away at it again.  I told Deah about it and literally within SECONDS she had Savannah up and running.  Deah is probably now worried that my technical maladies are hereditary because I’m fairly sure she doesn’t want to spend the next sweet forever fixing all manner of technical things for my kids!

Further proof that my technology and I don’t always click is that the fact that my iphone was stolen (moment of silence please).  My cousin generously offered to send me her blackberry for me to use until my July renewal date (at which time I will RUN back to the iphone with open arms).  I promptly took and had turned on.  Once I got it home, the battery would no longer charge.  Bill’s chargers wouldn’t work, her charger wouldn’t work … only the one at the store.  The AT and T guy said … “I’ve never seen anything like this”.  I told him … “trust me … it’s inexplicable … it’s the story of my life!”.

Anywho ….  it’s been quite an exciting week.  We sold our very first house!  Tonight we are going to Taste of Texas to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our family.  Truly … it was the right buyer at the right time … and they are letting us lease back for 5 weeks.  Hip, hip, hooray!

I’m freaking out a little that 15 1/2 years of stuff needs to be packed up in the next five weeks.  That and the fact that the new house is all the way to the studs right now.  What that means to me is that there is no turning back.  Exciting and daunting all at the same time.

This week on the blog will be called “Extreme Makeover Baerg Edition”.  I’ll post before pictures, during pictures and one day you’ll hear me yell … “BUS DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS!!!!” and I’ll post after pictures.

And because I like to have pictures with my posts, I’ll show you a picture of my cutie patootie Jacob.  He and Bill slept on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi last night.  Bill is a huge history buff and well, I’m not exactly.  We always laugh that he wants to go around and sign up for tours on our vacations and I want to hang by the pool or check out the shopping.  I totally cracked up when Bill called last night and said Jacob kept signing up for all the tours on the boat.  They both had a great time.

And now it’s time for me to go get a “Taste of Texas”!!

And all of you in Dallas, Arkansas, etc. that are watching it snow right now … one word … LUCKY!!!  Y’all enjoy.