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Are you there blog? ... it's me, Darla

I know the blog has been radio silent for almost a month now … and to be honest, there were days I wondered if it would come back at all.  Trust me … the last 30 days have held TONS of stories … but I was too tired and overwhelmed to write them.

For me, moving seemed much like living through the hurricane … except it was longer.  There was such a whirlwind of packing, moving, there was a time we had no electricity at the Gretel house, there was a time where we lost power at the new house (after we had moved everything to the freezer over here) and so we had to cook what we could and throw away the rest, there were days I was so hot and so tired and days I wondered if I would ever feel normal again.  I’m telling you … it was just like the hurricane.  We were grimy, icky … and we still have no kitchen or TV

But we are moved in and things are moving forward and there are days it feels like just maybe we will be normal again.  This past weekend was a big step towards that.  I “got to” go speak to a church group at Camp Tejas.  It was a great group and a fantastic facility.  I don’t know why, but it made me feel like I would be back to myself one day.

Bottom line is that moving is hard.  Even harder when you haven’t moved in 16 years, you’ve had four kids since you’ve moved, and your purge was taking on epic proportions.  It was crazy.

Spring Break we worked and worked and worked and the kids were great.  It wasn’t the most glamorous of Spring Breaks but we were thankful to have a week long break from being slaves to the schedule.

Here were some parting shots from our Gretel house:

Pics of the new house, before and afters … and yes perhaps a few of the stories of the last month are to come.  But for now … I need sleep.

I’m sure you understand.

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g122882 - Apr 2, 2011

I can only imagine what a “16 year - four kids later” purge. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates without knowing. (I married a nomadic flight test engineer so I have moved a few times. ) It is so nice when the move is OVER!!!

g122882 - Apr 2, 2011

Sorry, Darla, this entered under my husband’s “id” rather than mine. ~Katie

LawsonSpainFans - Apr 3, 2011

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The Pretty Things Consultant - Apr 3, 2011

God Bless you with those 5 kids, I can just handle my two.