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Laying it Down ... More than just a fish story


May madness is a real thing and we are right in the thick of it. End of season baseball games, team parties … and all the many end of school year activities. We are ready for some summer around here for sure!  What I can’t believe is that in just a few weeks Brittany will officially be a SENIOR!  How did this happen?!

I was having dinner with some friends the other night and one of the moms, who has a senior she is currently helping navigate through the college waters, reminded me of a story she heard me tell last fall about a deep sea fishing trip we took last summer.  She said that almost daily in their home they say the phrase “step back and lay it down”.  It was a phrase the fishing guide said to me (when I was catching what I thought was a HUGE fish!) … I mean just look at these fish! :)…


and what I know the Lord wanted to teach me about handing over what is heavy and a burdening me to the Lord and laying it down.  I told her I was so glad she reminded me of that story as just that day I had been talking to my “soon to be senior” about all that is on the horizon for her.  Brittany had texted me earlier in the week from school saying “everyone is talking about ACT and SAT scores and college applications and grades and it is SO stressful!”.

Later in the week some other friends were sharing with me some huge situations they are currently facing.  Things that are keeping them awake at night and causing anxiety and worry.  Again I was grateful for the reminder to “step back and lay it down”.

God is not calling us to pick up our burdens and walk around with them.  He’s also not asking us to try to figure out all the answers … He is only asking us to hand them to Him.  This is my story of how He taught me that.  And I really did catch a lot of fish!