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Some call it maize. We call it corn.

Remember that commercial from a million years ago?!  The one where the Indian woman is talking about nature’s bounty … corn?  I think she was actually selling butter.

Whatever you call it, in Minnesota in August, we call it really, REALLY good corn.

So good in fact, that my husband has been known to eat 10 ears in one sitting.  Maybe more.

Not making it up.

He starts planning his trip to the corn stand before he ever leaves home.  Dreaming about it.

When he arrives, much care and attention is put into picking out JUST the right ears of corn.

(Have I ever mentioned about the time I was opening the tops of the corn at Randall’s - my grocery store?  I pulled down the husk and there was a worm in the top of the ear.  And I screamed.  LOUDLY.  People jumped.  I thought they might call security.  It was hilarious).

But back to my story, after the corn is selected …

The excitement starts to build …

Young and old expect great things …

And always ..

Always …

It is worth the wait …

It is that good!

The End.