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It was all very exciting until I ran out of gas.

Yesterday Bill sent me an email that said … “wanna new house?”  It felt like I had waited a sweet forever for that email and I squealed and said “YES PLEASE and THANK YOU!”

And I cannot wait to share the story … because it’s a good one and God wrote it … and those are the best kind to share.

We literally met in an alley to sign the paperwork last night.  We were supposed to be all “up front and out in the open” and sign the papers inside of Starbucks but they were closed for remodeling.  So we signed the largest check we’d ever written in our lives on the top of a car.

Classy I tell ya.

And soon and very soon the Baergs house will be open for remodeling.  I’ll show you before and after pics and tell you my newest favorite story.

In the meantime, here’s our house:

We love it!

And I was so excited that I forgot to get gas on the way home (oops!).

More soon!