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Sweet Savvy Sue

Yesterday this sweet child of mine turned 10 years old.

Double Digits.

The big time.

She is such a joy and a delight in our home.

She is fun and funny and has a good time no matter what she is doing.

She is SO friendly (to anyone).

She isn’t a complainer.

(Which is nice seeing how we have yet to plan a party, didn’t eat anywhere for lunch where you get to wear a silly hat and have people sing to you … or do much of anything celebratory except have Baskin Robbins … we’ll make it up to you Sav!).

She is fiercely independent.

She’ll argue a point until you finely give in just so she’ll stop.

She’s cuddly.

And you know what else? … Just last week she was elected by her classmates to serve on the student council at her school!

She forgot to tell me until late that night.

She cracks me up.

She makes me smile daily.

Savannah … it is your birthday, but you are our gift.

Love you more than you can imagine!