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5 Seconds of Scripture

Goodness gracious, can someone tell me where the time goes?! One minute it’s November and the next thing you know it’s March!

If you follow my Facebook page you’ve probably seen me post my “Five Seconds of Scripture” devotional videos there. For quite some time I’ve been posting these video devotionals every so often but I decided one of my New Years Goals would be to post a video each month. January’s was on Laughter and if, for the life of me, I could figure out how to get it from Facebook to here I’d post it here too. (I’ll make a new goal to remember to upload them to YouTube before I delete them from my phone. Mercy!).

I do realize it’s now March but here is February’s video. Better late than never, right?!

Thanks for watching! You can find all of the videos on my youtube channel. Promise I’ll get the March video posted in March!

In Christ’s presence there is FULLNESS of Joy! Psalm 16:11