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Peace on Every Side

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays! The outside of my house is all lit up but the inside still needs a tree and some fluff. Slowly getting there.

Wanted to let you know really quickly that I did a “Five Seconds of Scripture”,  one week bible study, on 2 Chronicles chapter 20 on Facebook before Thanksgiving.  I have a few Facebook “holdout” friends who asked if I could post it here so they could do the study as well.

Each lesson is five minutes or less (one is actually five minutes it’s on the dot - nailed it!?) and I hope you find some encouragement as you join along. God’s word is so good, so applicable to our daily lives … and my prayer is that each lesson will contain a nugget of truth from God’s word that you can apply today… and every day.

I’ll post all five here and if you want to do the Bible study just come here each day and click on another lesson. Praying you find peace on every side this holiday season.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5: